Custom HeartOns

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Packers are flaccid penile prosthetics devices used to simulate the look and feel of a penis in casual situations. Many of the low-cost varieties are incredibly basic, as they've been designed and manufactured by the sex toy industry. We've taken the best models and upgraded the look of them with high quality pigments and body-safe staining to give the entire prosthetic a more realistic and natural feel.

Custom HeartOns has been built around this one incredible product. Featuring contouring and vein details. Now also featuring Piercings at

Inside your kit you'll receive:
- A Packer with the size and skin coloring you've chosen
- A 3.5oz bottle of our own "Sticky Junk Fixer". A body-safe powder that allows for restoration and maintenance of the packer.
- A lint-free towel
- A keychain cleverly saying "I've got a Heart On" with a heart on it.
- Coupons, Promos, & Samples

All of our products have been tested by several members of our community for both longevity and quality. We recommend purchasing a new packer every 3-4 months (like tooth brushes or underwear). This kit includes a base built by Packer Gear, manufactured by CalExotics.