HeartOnToys - You won't believe how many people I watch suddenly understand the cleverness by saying the words out loud all at once. For the sleepy folk- It sounds like Hard On.

My name is Jason and I'm from Upstate NY. When I was born, like any other millennial ('87), they still assumed vaginas to mean girls and penises to mean boys. Funny thing I guess is that there's never been a single moment I've been a girl! 

I transitioned genders socially and medically to reflect the self I know inside. It's allowed for a very new and different perspective though on sexual health, anatomies, and mental health.

I founded and ran a cultural magazine for Transgender Men titled FTM Magazine for the last 5 years. It's grown to the point where another is able to take it over and I can hand it down to a younger guy with a better touch on the community.

I find the most passion these days in helping guys with similar experiences to me with their bodies get a better handle on their sexual health. Because for me it was masturbating without shame or dysphoria that changed my life for the better. Orgasms are not only fun but really really therapeutic when it comes to mental and physical health. 

This is why HeartOnToys was born. To remove the stigma of sex toys being strictly for females and women and nothing a man would ever touch. To give us language we feel comfortable using to ask questions about our sexual health. To give people orgasms!